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Who needs a diet?!

Sis Advice: Eat everything in moderation.

Sis never dieted but she did enjoy her food. Her secret for maintaining her weight - just remember to eat in moderation. Easier said than done. She always sampled pie, cake, cookies, divinity fudge but always as a small slice and never seconds.

She loved to cook but gave up making fancier meals when she grew tired of my father's taste for meat and potatoes. My dad spent a lot of time on the road having to eat restaurant food from gas station eateries so he wanted "just the basics" when he got home. And by all means he didn't want peas and carrots on his plate. Guess that's what was served in all those gas station restaurants when he was on the road in the 50's and 60's.

So mom obliged. She cooked simple but her casseroles and jellied salads were favourites of hers. I still love her Hawaiian Pork recipe and that cottage cheese and green jello salad. I know it sounds gross but it tasted SO good. Funny how I'd love a sample of that green salad now - served up by Sis proudly. Remember to follow her lead and try everything on the table - in moderation of course.

"Green" Salad Sis Style

2 packages lime jello

2 c. cottage cheese

1/4 tsp grated onion

1 c. boiling water

1 c. mayonnaise

1 medium cucumber cut fine - do not peel

Pour boiling water over jello and stir until completely dissolved. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Pour into mold and set in refrigerator. NOTE: Look for a classic copper mold that can also double as wall art in your space!

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