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Age BIG @ Home

Connect from your home for demos, presentations, and discussions that will inspire and energize you! 

Age BIG @ Home combines structured programming and chat sessions to connect individuals aged 60+, all while helping them to cultivate new friendships via Zoom. Each week on Zoom features either a guest presenter or an activity. Past presenters include a dance instructor who taught the single-person salsa, an amateur chef who demonstrated their fav easy-to-cook recipe in a bowl, and a storyteller who led a mini-workshop on how to share your family stories. The sessions are curated based on the interest of the group, but are also designed to help us try something new or be exposed to new ways of doing things!
Each week includes a Home Play element (the opposite of homework!); an activity is assigned for the group to complete outside of our Zoom, and then we share about the experience during our chat sessions. One such Home Play had participants pick their favorite utensil in their kitchen and explain why; we learned of many fantastic utensils that make cooking easier to manage! 
We care about the comfort of the individual; individuals are not required to participate in either the presentations or the chat weeks, but we encourage you to watch and enjoy! And please come as you are - we call ourselves the cozy couch community because we’re building new relationships from the comfort of our couch. 
We know that some people may not feel comfortable with Zoom so we provide free one-on-one support to help participants.
Come make some new friends, have some fun, and maybe learn something new. Come and join our cozy couch community!

Our latest session has just finished and was a ton of fun! Interested in joining  an Age BIG @ Home group? Please inquire below to learn more!




We can also work with groups to design their own Age BIG @ Home program! Ask us!

Feel like you or someone you know would benefit but aren't sure they can afford it? Email us for options!

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