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Curling Days in Thunder Bay

It was an exciting time as Thunder Bay welcomed the best women curlers from all across Canada to the 2022 Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the Canadian Women’s Curling Championship, in early February. My mother, Sis Angus, lived to be over 101 and right until the end she curled along with the athletes on television. On one of her last evenings with us, she clutched a lavender sachet, created by a daughter of one of my friends, as she watched Krista McCarville's Northern Ontario rink at the 2020 Scotties. She sniffed the lavender sachet to calm her nerves as she excitedly cheered on Krista and her team.

Curling was Sis' sport and she curled well into her 70’s. In her younger years, she travelled with her friends from the Fort William Curling Club to many competitive bonspiels in Canada and the U.S. Friendships with teammates and competitors alike lasted a lifetime, as did the memory of the shots made and even those missed!

Congratulations to the women who provide an exciting sport for us to enjoy on our televisions and in the bleachers. Thanks for the great curling, Ladies!


Update: In 2022, Krista McCarville’s Northern Ontario rink, based out of the Fort William Curling Club, the same club where Sis Angus curled, made it to the finals of the Scotties! Sis and all the other women who curled at the FWCC would be proud that the sport continues to attract women and girls in Canada and around the world! Now, I need to get back to the TV to watch the Olympic curling!

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