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Sis the Filmmaker

Updated: May 5, 2020

Sis' digital story: At 101+, Sis appreciated a good story.  And she loved to tell a story!  She wrote and voiced this digital story in January 2020 while she was a patient at our local hospital. She passed in February.  Enjoy listening and watching this. You can hear her shake the script as she's laughing while reading.  By the way, she voiced this in one take.  Not too shabby! When the pandemic ends and it is safe to hug again, take her advice as shared in the video.  But to be safe now, hug from a distance but keep laughing. One of the lessons in this story that does apply today is to give thanks for friends.  Mom made friends like her roommate in the hospital.  Thank you Rose for being a friend to my mom when we weren't there.  We love you Rose for your friendship with mom forged during a couple of weeks as hospital roommates.  This is a story of friends in trying times. 

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