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Sis was 101+. She embraced each day and every night she practiced her Nivea Creme face massage routine! The results: she was beautiful inside and out!

Sis spent her last years as a resident in a retirement community, and in our Regional hospital and transition care unit. She made friends every step of the way. She would thank ALL the people who worked as cleaners, kitchen workers, PSW's, office workers, wound care nurses, footcare specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, recreation therapists, nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, porters, exercise therapists, security guards, x-ray techs, mobility coordinators, home health care workers, social workers and clergy that she met along the way. As she said, she wanted to do her best so the staff would feel good about the work they did!

Sis believed that friends are family and she would thank all the volunteers and the residents that she shared meals and card games with. She'd thank the roommates she had in the hospital and the folks that went that little extra mile to brighten someone's day. She was a hugger. But since we can't hug these days, she'd want you all to send a virtual hug to the folks who help older people. Thank you Sis for the lessons you taught us about getting older with grace and grit. We are blessed to have learned from you. xo

Learn more about Nivea's #sharethecare campaign at nivea + nivea uk (where Sis has been highlighted!)

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