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Photos travel!

Connecting Canadian and Italian Heroes start with one photo:

I have been enjoying more phone calls lately. It’s great to check in with friends and family and hear their voices.

I've also been inspired by creative friends who share their work. One such friend is a photographer who is using this unique stay home time to send out a daily photo and caption via email.

Her photos and words make my day. She goes through her exhaustive archive of photos and selects one photo every day. Then more hard work begins with crafting a few words that fit the picture. Her creativity brightens my day. Her photos make me smile and the captions make me think and in some cases, take action. She’s inspired me to pick up the phone and call someone. Her photos have inspired me to pick up my camera and go on a photo walk - in my back yard!

She’s made me see the community I live in with a grateful heart.

It seems I’m not the only one who has been inspired. 

My photographer friend told me that a photo she posted of the Terry Fox monument was shared by many people.  For those who don't know the story, Terry Fox was a young Canadian who attempted a cross-Canada run to raise awareness for cancer research and treatment. His run ended near Thunder Bay on the shores of Lake Superior in 1980. Today, there is a stunning memorial monument to a Canadian icon overlooking the shores of Lake Superior.

My friend heard her photo and caption had been forwarded to a NATO base in Naples, Italy.  The recipient's 7-year old son was doing his schoolwork online.  At the time the Terry Fox photo arrived the 7-year old said his hero was Terry Fox and he was doing a project about him. This Canadian hero made his way into a school project in Italy at a time when Italian healthcare heroes are doing their best to help the people of Italy.

The caption my friend used to accompany the Terry Fox story: Terry lived for the moment. We can do it as well. Just keep moving.

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