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Photos in Time

Where were you when the new reality struck? I was at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. It was Thursday, March 12, 2020.

The Gallery closed that evening. As if suspended in time, our GIANTs (Grand Individuals Aging with Neighbours in Thunder Bay) photo series, scheduled in the Community Gallery until March 22nd, was months later, still on its walls.

During that March afternoon at the gallery, we were enjoying an opening celebration for our GIANTs show. None of us knew that things would be so different in just a few hours. One attendee, Susan, from Canmore, Alberta, was visiting her mother, Rosemary. That afternoon, Susan and her mother reconnected with Judie, who had been a neighbour 30 years earlier. I realized then that good neighbours stay in your memory and your heart forever.

And now that we have lived with the reality of COVID 19 for one year, I realize how important our neighbours are. We aren’t in this alone. Now that the vaccinations are starting to roll out, please do what you can to get folks to the vaccination locations, help folks make appointments, and roll up your sleeve to get your vaccine.

And oh yes, keep smiling at those neighbours behind your mask and give them a BIG virtual hug!

Photo caption: Sis Angus (1918-2020) was one of the GIANTs whose photos were on display at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery when COVID-19 closed the gallery. Here, with Sis’ photo in the background, is her grand-daughter Kim and great-granddaughter Amy.

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