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Hot chocolate, anyone?

Sis Suggestion: Enjoy chocolate!

Sis loved her hot chocolate. She liked the convenience of the packages and the simplicity of boiling the kettle and dumping in a premixed package to create a liquid treat. But she always wanted that marshmallow top. It didn't matter if the marshmallows were as dry as toast, once they hit the hot water they'd soften up and add that special kick to the mug.

Recently she had gone back to keeping a jar of cocoa + sugar mixed together. I remember my Grandmother Angus making hot chocolate that way. You'd heat up the milk on the stove and add a little milk to the cocoa and sugar mixture to make a paste, then dump in the rest of the milk. Mom would make her hot chocolate this way but instead of the stove she used a cup of milk and the microwave.

Anyway you make it, chocolate is good for you! A cup of hot chocolate made with water or milk is definitely Sis-Approved. And a marshmallow makes it even better!

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