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The Telephone Tree

The old-fashioned telephone tree was important to Sis. She was a volunteer caller for many non-profits. I remember her phoning folks to remind them about upcoming Red Cross blood donor clinics. She had a list of names and numbers by the phone and those people on the other end of the lines became her friends, even if she never met them face-to-face.

As a child I remember her saying after supper that she had to do her volunteer calling. Yes, some of those folks she reminded of the blood donor clinics, but I think most she spent more time talking about the weather, kids, sporting events and more!

During the Covid-19 time, you may have developed your own telephone tree featuring a few folks that you call on a regular basis. Sis would suggest that you keep that list handy by the phone and even if we start to get out and mix more freely, keep those friends close by telephone. Make time to chat. Have topics to talk about - and try to keep those topics positive and uplifting. Sis was a master of communication. She was interested in others and always believed that everyone had an interesting story to share.

I'm one of those folks who still has a telephone land line and I even own and use a turquoise rotary dial phone! During the pandemic, that phone has been getting a work out. I consider the telephone a life line. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell and thanks to all of you who phone me. I appreciate the calls!

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