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The Straw Hat

Sis enjoyed sitting outdoors. When she owned her house she was especially fond of sitting in the breezeway that separated her house from the neighbour. She had a side door and she'd put her chair out in the breezeway to enjoy a cool breeze and fresh air.

She'd always set up a couple of chairs just in the hopes that someone would stop by to join her for a visit. The breezeway was a welcome escape from her house without air conditioning.

When she wasn't sitting in the breezeway she'd be found in the yard. She said the best thing about her house was the fact that she lived on a corner and there were always so many people to talk to! She was sun smart before the rest of us. She always wore a hat when she was out in the yard. In her last years our hat hunt became and annual spring-time adventure. We'd set off to our favourite thrift stores in search of a funky straw hat that would be her sun shelter.

I've inherited Sis' hat collection and they now have a special place in our camp for visitors. Stay sun smart, just like Sis!

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1 Comment

Dolores Mechtab
Dolores Mechtab
Nov 13, 2020

loved the story of your mother & her hat. What a special lady.



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