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The Glasses

What would we do without sunglasses? I've given up on prescription ones because I've lost so many prescription sunnies...and they are TOO expensive to lose!

Sis, however, was lucky. At 101+ she still didn't need prescription sunglasses. Even though she did have reading glasses, she rarely used them. She had an extensive collection of sunglasses and just like her sun hats, she was thrifty! She loved BIG glasses and if they were a funky colour, like red, she was sold.

She was thrilled with her red sunglasses. She liked not only how they shielded the sun's damaging rays, and the way they wrapped the corners of her eyes but she just LOVED the look! They were definitely statement eye wear. It was a very sad day when those beloved red glasses went missing. They cost $4 but you would have thought they were worth $400. She looked and looked. I went through my car (as Sis was a frequent passenger) with a fine tooth comb. She even called the church to make sure she hadn't dropped them while she was sitting in her pew at the Sunday service or when she was hugging someone on her way out!

It was sad because the drives across town were usually accompanied with a comment such as "Gee I wish I hadn't lost those red glasses. I loved those red glasses. They were so comfortable and cute!"

Well after all those months of looking we had forgotten to check the coat pockets! The glasses reappeared! All was good again.

So, here's another Sis lesson: Don't despair if you misplace something because it just may turn up again when you least expect it to. And in the meantime, wear your sunglasses so you don't miss out on those sunny days!

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