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Thanks to Santa and friends…

During this festive season, I think back to pre-2020 when we could hug our friends and neighbors. That gesture of connection and love has been out of the question for most of this year but I am optimistic that 2021 will bring back our in-person hugs. Hope you’re feeling optimistic too! Virtual hugs and elbow bumps are ok but nothing beats the real thing!

Our family usually hosts an open house (really it’s a throw-open-the-doors-and-see-who-shows-up party) that has been a tradition for 25+ years. There won’t be a gathering in 2020. At first, I was thinking of a drive-by Christmas party but changed my mind. Instead, I’ll order in a festive meal and toast the holidays with the family in my bubble. I’m so lucky to have folks in my bubble and people in the local restaurants who prepare the meals for takeout and delivery.

Another tradition on hold this year is Santa’s friends who take the Big Guy’s place at malls and holiday parties. I think with pride of the Santa helpers I know like John and Dwight. Dwight aka Santa was a fixture at many malls throughout the city accompanied by his lovely Mrs. Claus (aka, Diana). Santa and Mrs. Claus are on hiatus this year – I hope they can enjoy warm bowls of Mrs. Claus’ famous soups and cookies. Maybe Santa/Dwight can put his feet up by the fire for a little Christmas 2020-style! It will be a different holiday for sure but maybe one that reminds us of the important things like friends, family, and food.

2020 was quite the year for many of us. I hope we continue to learn to make little sacrifices to help each other. I learned so much from my mom Sis Angus who passed in 2020. Even though she loved to visit Santa in the mall, and even pose for a photo on Santa’s lap, she too would know that that’s a no-no for 2020. With some respect for each other and some help from scientists and other smart people, 2021 will look and feel different. Cheers to that! Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Age BIG!

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