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Soap Opera Saga

Yes, Sis loved her soap. She remembered her mom's neighbours gathering in the McComb living room to watch The Edge of Night. But mom never succumbed to the lure of the tv afternoon drama until an encounter with a star.

When Sis' husband was in the hospital, the Council on Positive Aging hosted a fundraiser. This is back in the 80's. The group organized a luncheon and brought in a guest speaker. That guest speaker was Don Diamont aka Brad Carlton from an afternoon soap called The Young and the Restless.

When mom told a friend that Brad Carlton was visiting the unit of the hospital where my dad was living, the friend was thrilled. She wanted to make sure that she and mom met Brad. They headed to the hospital and Brad did visit my dad's room. Dad met Brad. Mom met Brad. Mom's friend met Brad. Ever since that day, Sis was a regular viewer of The Young and the Restless. She enjoyed the goings on in Genoa City and always made a little time for Brad in her life!

The Young and the Restless airs on Global TV in Canada. It's been on the air for 48 years. During the pandemic the show is airing classic episodes, many with Brad Carlton! If you want to see Don Diamont today, he plays Bill Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful. And like my mom, I'm a Y & R fan!

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