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101+ years of advice

If you live a long time, you've got lots of advice to share. It's up to the rest of us to learn from it!

This blog is inspired by Sis. She taught us to do lots of things to make the most of every day. She "swore" by Tai Chi. In her 70's she attended classes in a school gym. In her 90's she started lessons again led by an instructor who was 70+ years old. Sis loved the tai chi. She attended with her friend Lee. They would go to their work-out, then go to the Burger King or KFC for a takeout picnic lunch. That would be followed with a drive to a park where they could chat, eat and connect. For years Sis would use her party trick of counting to 10 using Tai Chi counting. There is one number that looked naughty but Sis would laugh it off and say she was working her brain and her fingers. So, if you want to keep your hands and brain busy, and make friends laugh, learn to count to 10 using tai chi counting. Sign up for a class. Sis would approve!

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