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Age BIG focuses on grassroots initiatives, often surrounding recreation, connection or aging in place. These social prescriptions engage older adults in forming new friendships and connections and build capacity and community. In a time when many are isolated, we believe in small projects that have BIG impacts. 

Little BIG Home Hacks

Prepare your home to best support you while you age in place. 3 sessions to look at your home from top to bottom to ensure you keep your house happy, healthy and homey!

Zoom Coaching for Newbies

A set of two sessions, delivered by phone or video chat, all about Zoom basics, from installation to call. Individual sessions or small groups of 4 or less available, all gentle and specific to the needs of the participants.

Retirement Routine PLUS

Are you ready to retire but concerned about the transition?  Join Nancy, a Certified Retirement Coach, for 3 sessions designed to explore the non-financial side of retirement.  Build a healthy, meaningful retirement plan with a little help.

Bubble 8: Your Age-In-Place Team

We all need a team and research says eight people are ideal. Who is on your team?  This workshop dives into the concept and will help you define who you need, why they are needed and how to recruit them.  Join us for a fun and meaningful session.  


I also work with a team that I call the Sis Squad: Kassandra Fernandes, MPH, PhD Student in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, and Melissa Dafoe, BSW. With educational and practical experience in gerontology and community health and wellbeing promotion, we work together on creative, innovative projects that engage older adults and support them in aging BIGContact me to learn more about our services!

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